I'm Back

Friday, 27 January 2017

Right, well, let's crack on shall we?

Back in June, when I last wrote a post, a whole lot happened, and has done in the mean time, which pushed blogging right to the end of my to do list.

Also, when you're not in the swing of the things, where do you pick up from? I was feeling a bit lost and really didn't know what to say so chose the easy option to not say anything. 

Before I stopped blogging or took a really extended break, sitting down to write a post became a chore and I found I was writing anything to just to have something to publish and I wasn't proud of the things I was posting.

I was just lacking enthusiasm and motivation.

Recently I have been missing it more and more and have drafted up so many posts that I felt like I couldn't post until I did a bit of explaining. 

I have set myself some rules though, no more heartless blogging, if I don't want to post then I'm not going to post any old shit for the sake of it, ya get me?
Also going to be myself a lot more, before I was nervous I would be judged and often sugar coated my content. Im going to do this in order to enjoy blogging again and hopefully it to be read like you're chatting to a mate for you, the reader to enjoy reading it more and connect with my posts. If ya get me? 

2017, lets do this!!

Thankyou for bearing with me, 

will speak soon, 

love ya, Beth xxx


  1. I know how you feel. At Christmas I felt my post were for the sake of posting. Glad your back.

  2. So glad that you are back. Been missing your posts. Really excited for you and your blog in the future. I hope you'll enjoy writing it and I know I'm going to enjoy reading. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions

    1. Aww that is so sweet! Thankyou so much :) xxx