21 FOR 21

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Back in October, I turned 21, unlike last year I didn't create a post celebrating my birthday. I had a terrible birthday, and spent most of the day crying, but that story is for another day. 

So lets pretend its my birthday now, who says you can't have two birthdays?! Need to also go out for some delayed cocktails at some point, after all I did turn 21. 

Anyway, because I wanted to create this post, 21 for 21, to reflect and look back on all the things I have learnt in my 21 years on this delightful planet.

1- Tea always makes you feel better, and situations less painful, after a breakup, a shitty day at work, a car crash, always offer it, it's warming to the soul.

2- You can always pick yourself up and move on, there is always something better waiting around the corner. 

3- Cystitis is a bitch, always go for a wee after sex, trust me. 

4- Water tastes different, call me a water snob but I hate Evian water, who knew?

5- Not everyone is going to like you, neither are you going to like everyone, it's natural we are all so different. 

6- Change is a good thing, hey we're not all the same people we were in year 7, friendships change and its not a bad thing, we evolve and our lives are better for it. 

7- Dancing and singing always makes you feel better. Be that person who sings into pens and hairbrushes, does end of shift jigs, screams lyrics to the top of your voice in the car and dance in your pyjama's as you make breakfast. 

8- Candles and fairy lights are the best.

9- Love your body, too much time and energy goes on hating yourself when there is so many things to love. Find time to celebrate yourself, and you will be happier. 

10- Also appreciate your mind, you are so clever, use your voice to change the world. 

11- Crying is healing. Let yourself cry for no reason just because you felt like it. I cry all the time, its completely normal. 

12- You will never buy your true size at H&M, expect to go up a few sizes, you are not fat and need to lose weight to fit into clothes, all shops are different. I'm a 12 in some shops and a 6 in others. I know, MAD. 

13- Do things that make your soul happy. Jump in the sea, eat ice-cream cones with flakes poking out, do cartwheels, make pancakes at 1 o'clock in the morning, cover yourself in glitter, spend a whole day watching musicals, embrace life and do the things you love. 

14- Social media is not real. Stop judging your life on how many likes and followers you get. Stop spending hours scrolling through someone's 'perfect' Instagram and watching hours of vlogs. This makes you sad and disrupts your own happiness. You do not live on social media, neither is it an accurate representation of anyone's life. 

15- You don't really like drinking, and thats OKAY. Don't feel like you have to have shots of tequila just because everyone else is. 

16- Take the picture. Reflecting on my teens I am so grateful that my mum brought me a camera, and I saved everything. I took it with me everywhere and I have some of my best memories stored. Always take the picture and don't delete it just because you have a double chin from laughing, one day you will look back and be so glad you kept it.

17- You won't be on top form all year round. Nothing in nature blooms all year around so don't expect yourself to do so either. 

18- Let your inner geek out, who cares?! Theres no time to try and be cool, fucking dress like Harry Potter and walk through town with a wand if you want to. That is a much better memory to look back on, rather than that time you were complimented on having cool trainers that you will eventually forget.  

19- Always have a good skin routine, and never sleep in your makeup or use makeup wipes!

20- Be friends with everyone. Ok, not literally. But be friends with lots of different people, boys, girls, people who are older than you, younger than you, those from different religions or ethnicities, those who are parents and grandparents. You will learn so much from them. Once you leave school, you are allowed to be friends with those who you actually get on with, and this is amazing. 

21- Lastly, always be kind. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or treat anyone like they are beneath you. You have been treated like this before, and you know how it feels. Be that person who makes a conversation with the lady in the petrol station and asks how her day is. Never take your bad day out on someone, and always wish everyone a nice day. Literally life is too short to push your bad mood onto everyone else. Be kind, and people will be kind back. 

Do you know what, I could have continued writing this post until I had listed 50 things I had learnt, perhaps I will continue it into more blogposts.
For the time being, thankyou all for reading, feel free to comment, and share this post, spread the love people!

Big love, Beth xxx

P.S here's to the next 21 years, bring it on. 


  1. Great post - we all learn so many valuable life lessons as we grow up don't we?! And tea really does solve everything. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. Thankyou so much & it really does!! Xx