Thursday, 23 March 2017

Good day to you! This is a picture of me, freezing my tits off on the beach with my dog Dudley. Oh how naive I was before I set out on this walk, I don't even have a jumper PAH I can now laugh at my ignorance. 

Before we got Dudley, I had visions of myself walking him in the park like I was a cast member of Made In Chelsea, I would be wearing clean clothes, maybe a gilet, he would be walking beside me, perfect. 

Oh no, I have soon come to realise I could not be further from the truth. Now he is not a badly behaved dog, he is just a dog, when the whole world is AMAZING and he MUST go over there and then over there, BUT back there again and DID YOU SEE THAT CAT?!!?

I've almost had my arm ripped out the socket, more times then I care to remember. 

A clean car is a distant memory as I stick him in there to and fro the beach, and I basically live in my wellies. 

Walking him is a joy, if you forget the time he knocked me over (LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM) when he jumped up at me after wading through mud, when he puked after eating and rolling in fox shit. 

Not forgetting the bags of dog poo you are carrying around, completely shatters any previous illusions I had of being a perfect dog walker. Not to mention the time I was trying to keep him reigned in from being run over, trying to keep my hood up as it was pissing down, whilst swinging a black bag of shit around all simultaneously. 

Ah, bliss. 

After I have almost frozen my fingers off, had to go for an alfresco wee because we got lost and getting to the car seems like a 10 mile trek away, and carefully negotiating him into the bath after an extremely muddy / shitty walk, it's been.... great *forces grin*

HA I am only joking and wrote this post for us all to rejoice in the fact that dog walking it not glamorous and not what it is cracked up to be on reality tv. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I am about to go and wrestle my shoe off him which he is cradling on the chair and take him up the road. 

Thankyou for reading!

From, Beth xxx

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