Wednesday, 1 March 2017

 Hello, and happy first of March to one and all!

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and picked up flour, eggs and milk and made my way to my friend Hanna's house to make some pancakes. 

Our other friend Elsie paused her revision to come and join in, and because I had taken a few pictures I wanted to share them with you on here & I love them!

Hanna, it turned out, had no sieve, no whisk or scales, so it was makeshift from there on out. Trying to guess and measure 100g of flour and 300ml of milk, proved difficult when we only had baby cups to go by.

However I did have a gorgeous little Zoey to help me crack the eggs. 

Even if she did try and put the whole egg into the flour.
They actually tasted really good if I do say so myself. Elsie and I were on pancake flipping duty, Hanna on baby duty. Then we had a little picnic on the floor with lemon, sugar and nutella topped pancakes, with cups of tea (obviously). Zoey even liked the lemon and ate it as calmly as if it was an orange, I know?!

It was a lovely afternoon with beautiful friends, who I am forever thankful for. 

I just wanted to share these pictures as they are from a happy lovely day and I like to treat this blog like a scrapbook. 

How did you enjoy pancake day??

Lots of love, Beth xxx

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  1. Looks like fun! I didn't know pancake day was a thing. I'm definitely celebrating next year! :)