Friday, 28 April 2017

(Dukes at Komedia, Gardner Street, next to GBK)

Last weekend, me and my mum did our annual trip up to Dorset to see various friends, and as I loved Brighton so much when we visited 2 years ago we made plans to make a day trip there on the Sunday. 

Brighton has got to be my favourite place to visit in England except for London. It is such a vibrant and beautiful place, full of arty shops, sweet coffee shops and the beach. Perfect right?

Here is a collection of photos from the day, as I fell even more in love with the city, and day dreamed about living here one day.

(Gunns Florist, Sydney Street)

I spent hours wondering around the Lanes and didn't even manage to see it all, because as soon as I got into one shop I was in there for ages sifting through prints, and let me tell you I brought loads!

There was one shop that sold vintage posters, I picked up 6 but eventually had to whittle it down to 3 because realistically I didn't need 6, but they were amazing, and they were only £6 each, I picked up 2 old travel posters and one Audrey Hepburn Moon River film poster. I will have to do a whole post dedicated to prints because I have been collecting them for ages. 

We stopped for tea and cake in Bread & Milk, a cafe in the Lanes, and it was so nice and they had loads of vegan options, and I had a chocolate vanilla cake, it was divine. 

(Snooper's Paradise, North Laine)

If you haven't been to Brighton before I definitely recommend it, you can't help but fall in love with it. I would love to live here one day, even before I visited I knew I would love it, I just feel so drawn to it. 

We then made our way down the Pier, put way too many coins into the 2p machines, and obviously had to get an ice-cream to finish the day off. 

This is my mum and her best friend looking way too happy with their ice creams. 

Ice-cream makes your soul happy. I also didn't leave without getting a tacky "I love Brighton" keying.

It's a shame we didn't have long there, because it was a Sunday, the shops closed earlier and because we were staying quite a long way from Brighton it took us an hour to drive back. 

As well as the places I've already recommended, here are some of the shops I loved, and found some amazing prints in -

Junk Funk, Gloucester Road. 

Abode, Kensington Gardens (North Laine)

Photomatic, North Laine.

Hell's Kitchen (amazing wraps & salads) Gardner Street, North Laine.

Vintage Magazine Shop (My favourite, could have brought so much!) Kensington Gardens, North Laine.

Malarkey, Bond Street.

Bert's Homestore, George Street.

Of course that is only a small selection of shops, these are just where I brought stuff from, every time I leave I just want to go back already. 

Have you been to Brighton? Where are your favourite places there, please recommend places for me to visit next time :)

Hope you liked this post, and if any of you are interested I take all my photos on my iPhone and edit them on VSCO cam with the HB1 filter. 

Thankyou for reading!

Bye for now, Beth xxx


  1. I have lived in Brighton for the past 10 years and absolutely love it. It's nice to see that other people love it too! Have you been around the Pavilion? It's really fascinating inside. The Pavilion Gardens are also a great place to sit on a sunny day.

    1. Wow lucky you!! I have been I went last time it's spectacular. I always can't wait to go back as soon as I leave 💕 Xx

  2. Brighton looks like such a beautiful city. I would really want to visit it one day. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions