Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hello! Another beauty post? I'm on a roll.

I have never tried KIKO makeup before, until I went to Cardiff and had a little (cough cough, HUGE) makeup splurge and brought loads of new makeup, hey it was retail therapy. 

If you know me , you will know I love to scrimp and use lipliners all over my lips and "matte lipstick " it works really well and I love it. So I picked up these 3 lip liners. They were about £2.50 each, this is such a good way to save on money guys, if you're worried about your lips drying out, these definitely don't do that!

The pencils are super soft which means they are really easy to apply, and great to use to shape your lips and outline them so they look really full.

Side note - I love the packaging, they are like Mac dupes.

The colours I picked up were - 520

520, is a dusty pink, perfect for every day. I compared it to Mac's Brave. It is the perfect matte soft pink shade.

Next up was 523, which is an intense hot pink colour. Very similar to Mac's All Fired Up retro matte lipstick. I love bright lipsticks so this is perfect for me. I have worn this a few times and overtime I do people comment on it and ask me what it is and then look at me kind of funny because they have never heard of Kiko. I am a Kiko convert. My mum also loves it and regular says to me she is wearing her "Koki" lipstick. 

Probably my favourite of the three is 524 which is a bright lilac shade. I LOVE IT. I was actually planning on buying a very similar shade from Mac, but for £2.50 I was sold, and I don't regret not shelling out on Mac because this is just as good. 

I have worn this quite a lot since getting it, I am not afraid of wearing fluorescent purple lipstick to work so I would say this is an everyday shade, but fully think other people would disagree. I have worn this with rose gold shimmery eyeshadow, and is one of my favourite makeup looks. 

All in all I am very happy with them and I will probably end up buying more when I am next in Kiko, for £2.50 its worth splashing out on bright colours to experiment with them.

As someone who has never tried Kiko's products, and only really brought them on a whim, I am really impressed and definitely recommend them. 

Have you every tried anything from Kiko? 

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  1. I've never tried and of KIKO products but heard a lot of good things about them. These lip liners look beautiful. I love the shades you picked up. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions