Friday, 21 April 2017

I think, I have a new favourite lipstick. I KNOW. 

Mac has always been my go to lipstick and I have always loved their shades, I wear Pink Plaid almost everyday. However, they are so expensive, so you always want to make sure you are picking a shade you know you'll wear a lot, well I do anyway to get my pennies worth.

But I have seen so many positive reviews, blog posts and Instagrams showing some love to these NYX Soft Matte creams, so naturally, being a lipstick hoarder, had to get my hands on some.

The first I got was Prague. Which is purple / pink shade. I actually picked this one for a fancy dress costume ( I was a pirate ) and loved the application of the lip cream and how thick and pigmented it was! Prague is very similar to Captive by Mac but slightly more purple. 

It dries really nicely and doesn't feel flaky on your lips. 

That was it then, I knew this lipstick was The One. 

So I went back to Boots (I don't live near an Nyx counter) when I was in Cardiff and brought Amsterdam. 

Also I need to mention that they cost £5.50 each, which is a third of the price of Mac, so essentially you can get 3 of these for the price on one Mac lipsticks, you can see that I'm a fan. 

Amsterdam is bright pink / red shade. It is a warm toned red which suits my pale skin perfectly. I loved it as soon as I applied it. They also all smell amazing, and you don't need to apply them very often, only after eating (I find).

I get so many people asking me what lipsticks I'm wearing whilst wearing these shades, and they often get complimented on the colour, so I picked up San Paulo and Addis Adaba after that. I am planning to carry on adding to my collection one by one. 

San Paulo is a slightly darker purple / pinky shade which is perfect for everyday. It reminds me of the colour of sweets or something it is just such a lovely shade! 

Addis Ababa is the brightest shade I have, it is a hot pink colour. I am not afraid of wearing bright lipsticks! I think this one is very similar to Mac's Candy Yum Yum. I wear a bright shade like this with simple eye makeup, white eyeliner, lots of mascara and winged black eyeliner. I actually wanted to get a bright colour because of Clemmie over at Mother of Daughters on Instagram because she always wears bright pink and it looks amazing so I wanted to create the same look. Safe to safe I love it. 

I am beyond impressed with these lip creams / lipsticks. The colour pay off is incredible, they are super long lasting and nourishing your lips. They have also lasted a really long time, considering they are creams I was worried they would dry up (like mascaras do) but I have owned and used Prague since August and it is still going strong, woohoo!

Have you tried these lip creams, what is your favourite shades??

Thankyou for reading,

see you soon,

Beth xxx

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