Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I'm about to vomit up some cliches so just BE WARNED. 

But seriously though, where has that time gone?!!? Its hard to believe we are in April already. Doesn't feel like 5 minutes since it was Christmas. 

Of course I have been missing for most part of this past year on Life With B for reasons I addressed vaguely in my I'M BACK post. If I'm honest, for a time I didn't think I would come back to blogging at all, I thought it wasn't for me, I couldn't do it. But I had posts swimming around my brain for weeks and I love writing so I eventually found myself back here. 

I find writing to be therapeutic and use my blog as a kind of scrapbook. I am such a nostalgic person and I love to keep memories and reflect on how far I've come. Even looking back on some posts from when I first started 2 years ago I can see my development and growth. 

In the past year I have ticked some things off my never ending to do list and finished writing posts that have sat in my drafts for months on end. 

The year behind me has been a difficult one, life has definitely given me some lemons but I have got through it and currently sitting here I am optimistic for the future. I have some big plans for the year ahead of me, both personally and for my blog, I would love it if you guys would stick around and follow me on this journey. 

I would like to thank everybody who has read, commented, followed and liked my posts, shout out to you all!

From, Beth xxxx

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