Monday, 17 April 2017

Hello, it's me, giving advice again, you know I love to share my little nuggets of wisdom I have accumulated in my 21 years. 

When I left college, I decided university wasn't for me at the time, I had two jobs, one was in retail and the other was at a gallery. Although I had great friends at my retail job, it was unrealistic for me to carry on working there as I spent more money getting there and parking than I did earning any. Also the manager was terrible and it used to get very boring. 

My job in the gallery was perfect, and everyday at 3pm we would nip over to the bakery next door and get a muffin or an ice-cream. I loved it, but it was only a seasonal job, and before I knew it they didn't need me anymore. Around the same time I had handed my notice into my retail job. 

I then found myself without a job and not in education. I felt pretty lost. However I had applied to work at a new shop that was opening in December (at this point it was September, and I still work at that one now) So for three months, I had to be productive and do something with my time. This is my advice if you're in a similar situation. 

1- Temp. This was my first port of call, when I realised I didn't have a job. They called me up straight away after I had applied and asked me to come in to create a profile. They then ask you all sorts of questions, like how far you are willing to travel, what you would prefer to do etc. The day after I was sent to work at a Wedding. Then the week after I was in between hotels. I got to pick and choose which jobs I took and what days I did. The money is also good, even though some jobs are pretty rubbish you can always leave. One of my friends got sent to work fish gutting all day, so make sure you read the job description first.

2, Volunteer. If there is somewhere local for you to volunteer, take up the opportunity. It will look great on your CV, you will gain invaluable experience and probably make some good friends. 

3, Educate yourself. Watch documentaries, watch those obscure films that everyone seems to have watched but you haven't. I think I watched most of the documentaries on Netflix, you have the time too, and its not like you have to feel guilty for not completing an essay, because you don't have one.

4, Finally finish reading that book, you've been meaning to do it for weeks maybe even months, spend an afternoon reading it. 

5, Learn a new skill, want to learn how to make choux pastry? Then do it. 

6, Complete your boring to do list, like go to the doctors, make a dentist appointment, book to have your hair cut, renew your train pass, get those photos printed, organise your wardrobe, take that massive pile of clothes and books to the charity shop. These are jobs you never seem to have time to do, then do them now.

7, Exercise, I know, when you're feeling unmotivated and without a routine, wanting to exercise might not be the one thing you want to do. But don't lie in bed all day and stay in your pyjama's, even getting up and taking your dog for a walk will make you feel productive and you will make so much more of you day.

Most importantly, make the most of it. Its not many times in life when you will have time to get things done. Don't let it be a 3 month void in your life where all you did was watch The Big Bang Theory. Use your time wisely, you will thank yourself later, I promise you.

Hope this has inspired some of you who are in the same position I was in a few years ago. 

Thankyou for reading, from Beth xxx


  1. Great tips. I'm currently at uni and I really like it. Although I'm always looking for part time jobs as the uni life isn't that cheap. I've been working at my Summer seasonal job for over five years now but I think that it's time to try and find something more stable. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Hope you find something you enjoy and make friends, that's what makes a good job :) xxx

  2. Love this! Such a good unique idea. Super glad I've found your blog! xx


    1. Thankyou so much that means a lot :) xxxx