Saturday, 6 May 2017


I have just found myself signed up to a Race For Life in September, I'll be honest it didn't take much convincing, but it got me thinking about giving to charity and how we all could contribute to some good causes.

I was that child who would offer to clean the neighbours cars and donate all money to the RSPCA, albeit it was a pretty shoddy job and they would give me 2 quid, which I would then keep in an old Chinese takeaway container and one day when it was full take it down to the RSPCA and empty it onto the counter, and they might let me stroke the dog that was sat behind the desk. 

In school, whenever there was an opportunity for a bake sake, I would bake everything I could with the ingredients I had and pile them into tubberware containers and sell them for 20p in the school field, and then donate the money to Save The Children. 

At Christmas when I've had spare money I donate £20 to buy someone a Christmas dinner or fill a shoebox full of toys and send it to a child who may not receive a present otherwise. 

There is also everyday giving, when you buy a poppy in November, you pop your spare change into the bucket at the till point in the coop, when you text the comic relief number to donate £5, when you buy a cake from a Macmillan coffee morning. A little contributes to a long way.

You can always make a difference. I decided to set up a direct debit to CoppaFeel, their campaign really inspired me and because what is £5? A Starbucks coffee and a cake, think I can live without that. So here is my one ask to you, the amazing blogging community, why don't you donate as little to £1 today?!

Here are a few charities for some inspiration -

Of course there are millions of charities out there, each one will be more personal to you, I just included these as an example. 

We can all make a difference, I'm not asking anyone to climb Everest or dunk themselves in beans, just £1 would be enough. 

Thankyou for reading,