Sunday, 14 May 2017

Let me tell you, I have had 11 jobs since leaving school, which was 5 years ago, I have had my fair share of boring jobs but surprisingly I survived them all, it was touch and go at one job, it was so boring I could have cried. 

The job I have stayed in the longest is the one I am at now which is in retail, I have worked there for 2 1/2 years, so that beats my previous record of 8 months, and had only intended on staying at this one for 6 months, but by the time I leave I will have been there for 3 years, crazy. 

I have had to have a 'first day' at 11 plus jobs, its over 11 because at one stage I worked for a staff agency so worked about 10 places for them alone. 

My first part of advice would be, go in open minded. Don't presume you're going to hate it, even when you work at a fish gutting factory, you never know you might love it. 

Remember you are not the first person at that work place that has had a first day, they all had to start somewhere so don't be scared, they are there to help you.

Be friendly to everyone, first impressions count for a lot. I have had so many people start at the jobs I've worked in and they've behaved like they would rather not be there and been generally grumpy to us all. Ok you might rather want to be at home, but thats not going to make it very enjoyable when no one wants to speak to you. 

The most important part of advice, is make friends. 
Friend's can make your job 100 times better and I have made some of my bestest friends whilst working with them. Conversation also makes your day go by much quicker. I have passed the time with friends at work, by tasting all the teas behind our counter and rating them as if we were tea connoisseurs, pranking the chefs in the kitchen by making them obscene cocktails (you don't even want to know) had a sing and dance to Prince behind the tills singing into pens. Make a boring job, more enjoyable by making friends, these people you will spend most of your time with so you might as well be pals. 

At the most boring job of my life, and I'm talking so boring, it was in a very posh shop, where next to no customers ever came in, I would work 9-6 all by myself, I wasn't allowed to stand still, but by 10 o'clock I had cleaned everything, rolled and unrolled all the blankets, ironed the bed sheets for a millionth time and rearranged the pillows. I used to take Fruitella sweets with me, here me out. I worked with two of my best friends at this job, although we were split up, we used to reward each other with sweets for staying sane and getting through another hour of pure boredom. Sweets are great. 

To clock watch or not to clock watch? I personally love to clock watch, I can't help myself. As soon as I walk into work, I'm like oh only 8 and half hours to go, and throughout the day I count down the hours until I can go home. But some people hate to do this and make it seem like the day drags even more, maybe being oblivious to the time makes it seem like it goes quicker?!

Ok, I just asked my 2 friends who I used to work with their tips on how to survive a boring job and they both replied with 'leave'. I mean, we have all left that job now and I certainly wouldn't go back. But if you really aren't enjoying then find something better, I promise there are better jobs out there which you will enjoy, even if it takes 11 times to find one you like. But for the mean time, make the most of it whichever way you can.

Have you got any tips for surviving a boring job? Tweet me or comment :)

Love, Beth xxx


  1. I've also been at a job for almost 4 years things can get pretty repetitive thank goodness I have blogging

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Exactly what I think too thank god for blogging!