i can't stop listening to harry styles

Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm listening to Harry Style's album now, but don't be alarmed for I don't have a problem, I can quit whenever I like, you don't need to call an intervention, I'm going cold turkey tonight. 

For I have been non stop listening to the album for 7 whole days now, just when it comes to an end, it's on loop and before I know it I've added another 5 listens to my life. 

They say you should write these down, like a dream journal, but more like a Harry Styles addiction diary, so here we go. 

Day 1 of 'Harry Styles' May 12. I outright refuse to listen to this album , I do not need this man to validate my existence by listening to his album, he doesn't define me, I don't need him. Ignorantly carries on listening to Ed Sheeran whilst this sits unplayed on my spotify. 

Day 2 of 'Harry Styles', oh god, everyone on twitter is talking about it. I must find out what it is, surely its not that good, I will listen just to make sure. Meet Me In The Hallway plays. Not convinced this sounds exactly like Sign Of The Times, you've let me down Harry, but I will continue to admire you as a beautiful man. 
Carolina begins, oh I quite like this. 
Only Angel is followed by Kiwi, HOLY FUCK I love this. What is this absolute musical piece of excellence, I am IN LOVE. 
The album finishes and I go for a 2nd listen, meet me in the hallway no longer bothers me, thats it, the obsession begins. 

Day 3 of 'Harry Styles', I have solidly listened to the album 12 times THIS EVENING alone. I put it on whilst I got ready in the morning, in the car on the way to work, thought about it and declared my love for it to everyone I encountered, then listened to it on the way home, then played it as I cooked dinner and continued as I lay in bed scrolling through my phone for hours. Wonder when if will get 'Harry Styles' poisoning and die. 

Day 4, I start to wonder what these songs are about, why do I love them so much, is any of them about Taylor Swift? Must investigate. 
Reads though music blogs and forums that analyse the melodies about why the songs are so catchy and sounds like other songs, "I knew it sounded familiar" whilst singing along to 'Woman' in my chair. 

Day 5, my mum comes in whilst I'm listening to it again, I'm pale, I've developed a twitch in my eye. She tells me to turn it off, 'just one more time' I mouth. She switches on radio 2 loudly to overpower Harry and my attempt to sing along. Sweet Creature plays on the radio. HE'S TAKEN OVER I shout from the next room. 

Day 6, I take to twitter to declare that I have started a slow decent into madness, and I can't stop listening to Harry Styles. I'm waiting for the over listening to kick in and I will begin to hate it and never want to listen to it again, like that time I crammed a whole bag on jelly beans in my mouth at one, Harry is a hypothetical jelly bean. I have adjusted to life with Harry Styles in it. I need to put myself in Harry Styles rehab and listen to something else.  

Day 7, only listening to it once today, all good things in moderation and all that. I am totally in control. HE'S DOING A CARPOOL KAROKE?! *books the day off work*

speak soon (once I've recovered) B xx


  1. Omg, loved this post- it's so funny and relatable! I also have this problem with Harry's album 😂💕

    1. Haha thankyou babe! We're in this together 😜 Xxx