Friday, 12 May 2017

Let's do a bit of admin before starting this post. This post is not about being vegan or vegetarian, neither is it about healthy eating, this is about the concept of 'clean eating' and how I feel it is having a negative affect on us.

When I was younger, or I could even say 3 years ago, before clean eating was a thing, people were one of 4 things, I'll say 4 because that is what I knew. Your diet could be explained by either - meat eating, pescatarian (someone who eats fish but not meat) vegetarian, or vegan. Fine, that was just fine. If you found out someone was vegan it was bit interesting and they would tell you about some horrid vegan cheese they had tried once which wasn't for them and we all cracked on with our lives. 

Recently, we have all seen this rise of 'clean eating', and now everyone and their mum seems to have clean eating written in their instagram bios with emojis of avocados and sweet potatoes (not dissing the sweet pots, can't get enough of that shit) but what does it really mean?!!? To me, the term clean eating is a marketing ploy and just another fad we are all buying into.

Clean eating blogs, youtube accounts, cook books and food sales have gone through the roof and we are all buying into it. Superfood seems to be labelled to anything and the price increased by £2. Now, I am all for healthy eating, don't get me wrong, but clean eating?!! No thankyou. 

Clean eating to me, suggests that there is dirty eating. This is how I feel. I will read posts on how gluten is sandpaper for the gut and bread is to be avoided at all costs. Carbs, heaven forbid you eat carbs, you're basically eating poison, dairy, sugar, meat, get rid of it, it's killing you. No everyone, can we all just calm down a second. 

Before anyone starts telling me not to eat a cheese toastie, are you qualified in nutrition to tell me this?! Are you part of some sort of clean eating club where you must recruit 20 people a day and you get commission for how many people join and start spouting clean eating nonsense to everyone?

Back to what I was saying about using the word CLEAN, clean suggests everything we eat needs to keep our insides clean and won't harm us. Ok I'm just going to say it, everything these days gives us cancer we are told. They will probably tell us one day avocado on toast does too, so stop using that as a reason. This whole concept of clean eating, clean clean clean, no sugar, no gluten no dairy. 

I of course fully support healthy eating, it's just the word clean that I think is damaging. 

I remember last summer when I had become so immersed into this idea that I was walking through Falmouth, feeling repulsed at these people in a burger bar and thought to myself I could not possibly go in there and admit that I eat that. HOW WRONG IS THAT. I felt that I would be dirty eating that, I physically felt dirty. 

I remember the feeling of my body being full of bad stuff, like I had put all this dirty horrible food inside me like I was a glutton, and I should be ashamed of myself. 

It's also the same when we use words like naughty and bad food, we are creating bad connotations with certain foods and creating guilt, making us feel like we are telling ourselves off. Because really, it is just food. We need food to survive, stop making yourself feel like a naughty child who's eaten too much chocolate cake. 

This is not healthy. I am 21 years old, how does this affect teenage girls and boys for that matter? They are reading this stuff all the time as well, and it is very negative messages and pressures being forced upon them. 

We live in a society where eating disorders are effecting approximately 1.6 million people. This is staggering and I really feel like the pressure from clean eating is not another we need to add to the list. I felt the pressure big time. 

If you live with a clean eating diet, by all means carry on. But please can we stop making people feel bad for what they eat. You eat this, we eat that. Try not to put anyone to shame and make them feel inadequate because they eat something different to you. At the end of the day, we need food to survive and it is completely up to the person to choose what they eat. Never feel like you have to earn your meal and NEVER ever be made to feel guilty for eating a balanced diet. 

Let's all rejoice and eat the food we wanna eat, in fact I'm scoffing a doughnut as I write this. 

Let me know how this 'clean eating and 'good & bad food' has affected you.

Much Love, B xxx


  1. Omg I love this! Preach it. Nothing I hate more than a 'clean eater' please just no. And don't get me started on people dissing carbs. Carbs are my life, I love them to death. Carbs are my poison and I love them okay!

    Why doesn't everyone think like this?!


    1. Omg this is the best comment I've ever had on my blog! X

  2. I LOVE this post! I think that we are getting so focused on 'clean' 'healthy' eating that actually becomes unhealthy. It can become an obsession and can cause major problems for people before physicsl and mental. The stigma we put on things like carbs and sugar is making those who eat a chocolate cake here and there feel guilty and that is no way to feel about food that fuels your body. I have a big issue when it comes to all these clean eating weightloss fads. The best way to eat is to eat healthy and balanced diets. Fruit veg carbs and fats.

    1. Swear I replied to this yesterday but it's disappeared! Thankyou so much for your comment! I totally agree it is becoming unhealthy! Exactly, healthy balanced diet can't go wrong with that;) xx