my last day of school

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I left school five whole years ago today. I literally cannot believe where that time has gone, I definitely do not feel like I am 21. I remember my last day of school so well, and seen as its that time of year I thought I would share my memories from that day. 

I clearly remember on my first day of school, feeling super apprehensive walking up the flights of stairs up to my form room, that it wouldn't be too long before walking up those stairs on my last day of school. That is exactly how it felt, I was there for 5 years, some times were more difficult than ever and it felt like that day couldn't come quick enough. 

Although I had lots of good memories there, and my heart still swells at the moments I had there, I was happy to leave. It wasn't necessarily a sad day, it felt like closing the doors on a happy time of my life, but knew there was better things around the corner. 

It started much like any other day, getting on the school bus, we all had our own seats at the back of the bus, there was only 5 year elevens and 5 back seats, so we all had our designated one. We all signed each other's shirts and then graffitied the seats, so it was clear they were ours. Clearly don't condone this behaviour *cough cough*

We still had all the same lessons, I can't remember what day of the week this is but I am guessing it's a Thursday? We only had 3 lessons a day, that was just our timetable, but the afternoon was spent having a huge assembly and collecting certificates but that meant we still had two lessons in the morning. 

Maths was pretty civilised, of course no work was done, it was mainly spent writing in year books, signing shirts and taking pictures. 

I wish I could include so many more pictures, but loads of them include people I no longer speak to, so don't have their permission to post them, the ones I have chosen I'm hoping they won't mind *fingers crossed*. 

Then we had science, and every rule was thrown out the window. It was just 100 minutes of pure chaos. Even the teachers got involved, our science department was down a long corridor, with the class rooms to each side. Every single class room you went in, music was blaring so loudly, students were on the tables, swear even the teachers were at one point. 

Our school didn't exactly have a 'good' reputation.

I mean LOOK AT MY SHIRT, see also, no students at desks. This is a stage in my life where I rarely brushed my hair and was wearing somebody's else lipstick.

I mean, it's not like we paid attention in our regular classes let alone the last one, I remember being sent out of science and maths on multiple occasions for talking or messing about. We used to paint our nails, write stupid stories, listen to our iPods then act out the songs we were listening to for other people to guess, used to play knuckles, or whatever it was called, but remember me and friend hurt our knuckles so bad that they got bruised.

But on this last day, a sort of rave / mosh pit happened in the long corridor. 
Like the teachers, could not have cared less, after all I think they were picking the music.
The last day of school for any year was a but crazy, my sister's year had a huge food fight in the canteen, where she swore she saw a dinner lady throw a panini.

We then had to put on our 'proper uniform' and have our assembly, which I remember including a jam doughnut eating competition, where we all got given one and had to eat it without licking the sugar off our lips, do other schools do that? Nope, just mine.  

We then got called up in alphabetical order to collect certificates and shake the head teacher's hand, and me being a W, had to go up myself and I was so embarrassed. 

Then, that was it, our time at school was over, I remember leaving and saying goodbye to everyone, and I felt so happy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed school, and if I could go back and relive some of the days there again, I would. Maybe it was a bit of a bitter sweet ending, but I remember it fondly, there was no tears.

The school bus home was interesting as we had a huge water fight, I don't even know where all this water even came from and clearly the bus driver didn't care, but was all got soaked and then had to walk home, with dripping hair and see through white shirts. 

We then all went to the beach in the evening and sat on the harbour wall. This memory is such a happy one for me. It is crazy to think of how much has changed since then, and how much I have changed as a person. I know I am so nostalgic and all my memories are so poetic, when realistically I probably didn't sit out looking into the ocean aka my future and probably just thought about what I was going to have for dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I use this space on the internet as my little scrapbook, so hope you find yourself at home here too. If this post has inspired you to write about your last day of school, make sure you send it to me to read :)

Thankyou for reading, Beth xxx

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