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Monday, 12 June 2017

hello there, I am always looking for suggestions for what to watch and make the most of my subscription on netflix, so thought I would do an updated version of what I've been watching. 

Its funny at work, one of my friends and I are always giving each other lists of things to watch, so some of these things she has suggested to me, and the other's I've suggested to her. It's when I made her a list and wondered why I hadn't made a blog post out of it, so here we are. 

This Is England. 

The fourth instalment is on netflix, so I watched the previous ones of demand 4, and you do have to watch them in order, because me not knowing anything, watched the last one first and nothing made sense. I just love the characters, all the actors are so good, Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun are incredible actors, and everyone's character is just perfect. The way its filmed, the wardrobes, makeup, and storylines are so nostalgic so the 80's and 90's  subcultures and it feels so real watching it. It is definitely a binge worthy watch, I have just finished it and wished there was more, so I hope they do another series. 


I put off watching this for ages, I guess because I didn't hear much about it, people weren't talking about it on twitter so I think it flew under the radar a bit. But its so good! I think i watched both series in 2 days. It is so funny and the characters are so relatable. It has actors in from misfits and similar comedy series, it follows a group of 3 friends, Dylan who finds out he has chlamydia then has to go and tell each girl he's slept with, so each episode is the story of that one particular relationship. Honestly, if you need something easy and lighthearted to watch, this is it, its perfect. 


Maybe I was a bit late to the party with this one, my friend at work recommend it to me and I'm so glad she did. It is typical British awkward humour, and Greg Davies is just hilarious. It is about his daughter who comes back from travelling with her new husband played by Andy Samberg who is super eccentric and free spirited and totally does not fit in, but forms a weird relationship with Ken (Greg Davies) and in one episode they take ecstasy, there is not many programmes I actually proper laugh at, but this is one of them.

Line of Duty. 

Vicky McClure again, think I have some sort of weird crush /admiration for her, she is just an amazing actress and plays some really good parts. Surely you have heard of line of duty, it was all anyone on twitter was talking about every Sunday night for 6 weeks. The first 2 series are on Netflix and you have to watch them to understand the underlying storyline throughout the other series, but each stands alone as a really good police drama. Series 4 which has just been on with Thandie Newton in, was so good, we actually screamed at the tv, and it was a rare occasion I actually hid my phone so I wouldn't miss anything. I think as a country we are obsessed with crime dramas because there is something inside us that believes we can always figure it out, but there is so many twists in this, you are literally on the edge of your seat.


 If you like Fresh Meat or Lovesick, then you will like Siblings. Charlotte Ritchie plays Oregon in Fresh Meat and Tom Stourton played a supporting character in Lovesick. Both of their characters in Siblings are so funny, and completely ridiculous. They both play immature adults trying to be grown up but utterly failing. It is really easy watching, my favourite episodes are probably Burrito Neighbours & Balcombe's Funeral. 

Ex Machina. 
Thought I had better include this seen as I tell literally everyone I ever meet to watch this. Without a doubt it is one of the best films I have seen, I watched with literally no expectations or idea as to what it was about, I had only seen clips of it when it was nominated for best cgi, and I was blown away. Dohmnall Gleeson plays the main character Caleb, who was also in the Black Mirror episode Be Right Back. I wouldn't say I was a fan of sci fi, but this to me is sci fi done right. He has been chosen to go to the CEO of his company's house for a week, where he meets artificial intelligence Ava. I don't want to say to much to ruin it for anyone watching it, but its worth a watch!

Black Mirror

Ok, I said to myself I would leave it at Ex Machina but writing that reminded me of Black Mirror, which is also incredible. So many people were talking about it last year, and I would hear people talking about each episode, this was a series I was told I HAD to watch and I understand why. I'll admit some episodes aren't as good as others, but some episodes are so shocking and thought provoking. They all draw aspects of life now and how technology is taking over, and the obscene realties of what could be in the future. Ive also seen so many threads where Black Mirror have predicted things and have correlations to real life events, its kind of scary. The best episodes in my opinion are, Be Right Back, White Bear, Shut Up and Dance, Nosedive & Playtest. 

What have you been watching recently, anything I should add to my list?

Thankyou for reading, hope you like my recommendations.

Speak soon, B xxx

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