Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Back in May, one of my work friend's convinced us all to sign up to Pretty Muddy, a 5k Race For Life in September. In the months that followed we all raised money seemed to do as little training as possible "we'll just wing it, we'll be fine..."

I have always wanted to run a race for life and raise money for Cancer Research as I lost both my Grandparents to cancer. 

Every day leading up to Sunday, we were checking the weather forecast hoping for some miracle, but on the day, it rained so heavily, the roads were actually flooded before we even arrived. There was no doubt that we were going to get extremely muddy. 

Our race was at 10.30am, and within minutes of being out of the car it was raining so much that our clothes were already soaked through. We then had to do a warm up, before counting down to start our race, we tactfully positioned ourselves at the back so we didn't have the humiliation of everyone else overtaking us. 

We had to run through muddy fields, and as we thought that was bad enough it was nothing compared to the obstacles. We had to bounce on space hoppers, give each other piggy backs, swim through mud, slide through muddy tunnels, under nets, over climbing walls and do press ups in the mud, all the time being rained on, having buckets of mud chucked over us and water pistols directed right at us. 

Even this picture doesn't show how muddy I really was, it was in my trainers, literally in my pants and caked into my hair. 

But I did it! I am so happy that I decided to do it and will definitely do it again. Together we raised £414.81 all together as a team, which is a huge achievement and a lot to donate to Cancer Research. 

If the opportunity came up for any of you to do a Race For Life I would definitely recommend you do it, even though you get mud everywhere, it is so worth it!

Thankyou for reading as always!

Speak soon, B xxx



  1. Great job to you! I've done several races that involved mud and obstacles - and it feels so great afterwards. You really feel like you pushed your limits and just an ultimate badass. Thanks for sharing!